Talking Crops: Farmland Leases, What Could Go Wrong- Eddie Davis

Check out this Podcast on : Having a farmland lease agreement based on a handshake may be an easy way to avoid paperwork, but not having a written agreement can be a sure way to open a can of worms. This can be especially true for family members who inherit property or during times of weak commodity prices. In this podcast Eddie Davis, who is a farm manager for Brown Land and Farm Management in Rayville, LA, discusses the importance of having a written lease and the risks you’ll be taking without one. You can contact Eddie Davis at the Brown Land and Farm Management website or by phone at 318-728-8990.  ...
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Land Price Tug of War: Pasture vs. Row Crops

November 23, 2015 By Victoria G. Myers Progressive Farmer Senior Editor Landowners may be paying a price for pursuing the golden temptress of commodities. Where the allure of $8-a-bushel corn led to tilled-up pastures and torn-down fences, remorse seems to be setting in. "In our part of the country, a lot of properties that were converted from pasture to row crop are beginning to have serious issues with erosion," said Kurt Hollenberg, a broker with United Country Real Estate and Auction Services, based in Columbia, Missouri. He said some of these converted operations would like to go back to fences and grass, but many landowners are not in a position to make the shift. "Now that row-cropping is not making them as much money, they'd like to go back to cattle;...
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